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Off the top of your head, what do successful people have in common? Having watched these biographies, the top 3 traits for me will be; Grit, the Ability to see the bigger picture and of course cunningness.

Here are my Top 5 Business Biographies

The Social Network: Follows the story of how Facebook was originally created. From initial conflicts regarding whose idea “Facebook” really is followed by a more intense conflict between the co-founders regarding the company’s shares. You’ll definitely have to pick a side of which partner you support. Available on movie downloading websites

The Founder: Ever wondered how Mcdonald’s became a global brand, you’ll need to watch this movie to visualize it. It follows the story of two brothers who were the original owners of the Mcdonald’s brand and a franchise mastermind — Ray Kroc who grew the fast-food chain from a single branch to multiple branches across the globe. Can a stringent contract help you outsmart a cunning person? This movie will give you answers, it might just be different from what you had in mind. Available on Netflix
Jobs: Based on the life of Steve Jobs and his partner Steve Wozniack. It covers different phases in the company including the conceptualising of the Apple I, Job’s erratic consistent erratic behaviour, issues regarding stock options and generally how the company evolved to its current company. Available on movie downloading websites

House of Gucci: In the name of Gucci! The movie entails what you should know about inheriting a multi-million dollar family business and the role your spouse can play in that. Get ready to pick a side in this movie as well. Available on movie downloading websites

Adidas vs. Puma: The Brother’s Feud: Well, did you know the world has two of the largest sportswear manufacturers as a result of an irreconcilable feud between two brothers. Making key business decisions with a partner who is also your brother is a tricky one but is it doable? Again, you might have to support one brother over the other. Available on movie downloading websites.
Do let me know your thoughts on the movies and if you have more biographies, kindly recommend them!




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